The SBU Extractor extracts data of an Kies backup file and saves them. The Current Version supports extracting contacts, FILES* and Calendar-And-ToDo data. But more is coming soon.

The program was written in C# and compiled for .NET Framework 2.0 and runs on any CPU. But it was only tested on x64 and Windows 7.

It would be a pleasure for me to get some feedback (criticism, praise or suggestions for improvement): SBUExtraction[at]lord-luncher.de

I am looking for information about the SBU file all the time. So if you find out how to find some new data in this file: write me an E-Mail: SBUExtraction[at]lord-luncher.de

If you are familiar with C# and .NET you can also write me an E-Mail to get the Sourcecode :-D but you have to send me your changes ;-)


*Version 0.3.0 supports File-Extraction!!!

*Version 0.3.1 some issues fixed